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What is heat printing?

Heat printing, also known as heat transfer printing, is the process of applying heat-applied materials to various items (i.e., substrates) with a heat press. Heat-applied materials contain a heat-sensitive adhesive on one side; when heat is applied by a heat press to the material, the material adheres to the substrate to which it is being applied. The end result is a decorated garment.Heat printing opportunities.
Decorating with a heat press is an easy, cost-effective way to enter the garment decoration industry. It provides the opportunity to personalize a wide variety of items.

  • T-Shirts
  • Team uniforms
  • Bags
  • Fan wear
  • Corporate
  • Small businesses
  • Clubs
  • Schools
  • Fashion

It all starts with a heat press.

Three key components to consider when decorating with a heat press are: time, temperature, and pressure. Every heat transfer material has its own heat printing instructions.
Time: The amount of time, in seconds, that heat must be applied to the design/garment.
Temperature: The optimal degree at which the design will adhere to the garment.
Pressure: The amount of downward force needed when heat applying.

Choosing the right heat press.

How do you know which type of heat press is right for your business? There are several key factors to consider:
Space: How much space do you have in your work area?
Production: How much will you use the heat press?
Size: What type of garments are you decorating?
Experience: How much experience do you have working with heat presses?
Cost: How much do you want to invest in your heat press equipment?


Heat Transfer Vs Screen Printing

Heat Transfer

The heat transfer printing method applies custom designs to items like t-shirts or tablecloths through a process that uses a combination of heat and pressure. Common kinds of heat transfer printing include vinyl heat transfer and digital print heat transfer. With the vinyl heat transfer process, a machine is used to cut out designs and letters in pieces of colored vinyl.


Screen Printing

When a design is produced using thescreen printing method, actual screens are used in the process. Essentially, this screen is cut to make a stencil for the design. Ink is then spread over the screen, passing through to the object underneath only in the areas you want it to be. Only one color per screen can be used - so depending on the number of colors in the design, you will need multiple screens to produce the final item.More...

Which Printing Type Should You Choose?

The best printing type for you depends on what type of item you are customizing and how many you would like in total. Because unique screens need to be cut for each color of a screen printed design, it is much more cost effective to produce a larger number of items with this method, versus just a few at a time. For example, we prefer screen print orders of at least 500 units. Conversely, the heat transfer process is the same with every print made, so you can order just a couple items at a time without costs ballooning.More...

heat transfer papers

Heat Transfer Papers

Heat Transfer Papers are use to print heat transfer printing on fabric or clothes. Mindware is the biggest supplier of heat transfer papers ,sublimation papers for heat transfer printers.More...

Heat Transfer Printers

Heat Transfer Printers

Heat Transfer Printers by from mindware , we are the biggest supplier and dealer of heat transfer printer in india.The popularity of polyester fabrics led to the development of a completely new form of printing: heat transfer printing, which prints the pattern on paper with carefully selected dyes. More details for best price call us 9717122688.More...

Heat Transfer Machines

Heat Transfer Machines

Heat Transfer Machines buy from Mindware , Heat Transfer Machine is used to print different types of Heat Transfer Printing, like fabric , textile, clothes , plastic , cups, bags etc.More...

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